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The Security Training You Need for a Successful Career

Considering a career as a security professional but don't know where to start? Vicado Guards Training School is New York's leading security guard training school offering a wide range of professional security training courses designed to help our students enter the security specialist job market with the skills they need to succeed. Get the training you need at Vicado Guards Training School today!

Our students receive high quality security training and are continuously being hired as Residential Security Guards, Commercial Building Security Guards, Security for Transportation and Industrial Facilities and Educational and Financial Institution Security. Businesses all across New York look to our services when looking for licensed, properly trained and qualified security guards and security officers.

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Become Part of the Security Industry Today

Located in Jamaica, Queens, Vicado Guards Security Training School serves the 5 Boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island. We provide our students with the knowledge and training they need to become successful and grow their careers in the security field.

Security professionals are in high demand and with new potential threats to businesses and other organizations appearing every day, this is one industry that doesn't show signs of slowing down. In less time than you think, you can be a trained security professional with Vicado Guards Security Training School.

As one of the leading security guard training schools in the New York area, Vicado Guards Security Training School has everything you need to become a fully trained, successful security guard. With day, night and weekend security guard classes available, there is no excuse to wait. Jobs are available all across the country.

Vicado Guards Security Training School offers full training in State-specific requirements, the hiring and interview process and we even have the industry resources to help you get hired right away. Business owners, event promoters and people all over the New York depend on Vicado Guards Security Training School for their security staffing; contact us today and get the training they are looking for!

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Vicado Security Guard Training School provides a wide range of professional security courses

Get the job security and sense of accomplishment you need at Vicado Security Guard Training School.Contact us today for more information and to learn how you can earn your security guard license and become a valuable member of the security guard industry.

  • 8 hr. Pre-Assigned Training Course
  • 16 hr. On-The-Job Training Course
  • 8 hr. Annual In-Service Training Course
  • Security Guard Training
  • Executive Protection Training
  • Self-Defense Training
Experienced Instructors

Vicado Guards Training School offers industry leading training and instruction that will prepare our students for a career in security.

Our instructors are among the most respected and knowledgeable in the security industry and have decades of experience and training. Many of our instructors have served in the armed forces or have served with the NYPD, LAPD and other police forces around the country.

Vicado Guards Training School ensures that our instructors are up to date with current industry security tactics and technology and have the tools and resources needed to give our students the most comprehensive training in the industry.