Why Become A Security Officer

Security. Safety. Peace of mind. These have always been valuable assets in any society, but they are in demand now more than ever. Office buildings, gated communities, banks, airports, and nightclubs are just a few of the dozens of places that are always looking for highly trained security officers. Employers need people they can depend on to protect both their property and the people who pass through it every day, and those with the right skills and training can take their pick of the best security jobs.

Benefits of Being a Security Officer

There are many advantages to being a certified security officer. Training courses are a fraction of the cost of a college degree, and can be completed in weeks instead of years. Job opportunities are plentiful and span across multiple industries. Most security jobs offer full benefits, including paid vacations, medical, dental, and 401K. There are also plenty of opportunities for career advancement, as experience coupled with additional training can lead to higher paying jobs. Many companies rank safety as one of their top priorities, meaning that security officers enjoy a good amount of job security. Finally, knowing that your presence helps protect both people and property, that you're making a difference, offers guaranteed job satisfaction.

Career Opportunities As A Security Officer

A security officer has many responsibilities. Duties may include patrolling the premises, sign in authorized personnel, providing an escort, reporting suspicious activity, enforce rules and regulations, check the building for irregularities, and preventing property loss or damage, to name a few. There are many different types of security jobs available, each with their own list of requirements.

  • Front Desk Security Officer
  • Bank Security Officer
  • TSA Agent
  • Campus Security Officer
  • Armored Car Driver
  • Personal Security Detail/Bodyguard
  • Court Security Officer
  • Live Event Crowd Control
  • Retail Security Officer
  • Bouncer

These are just a handful of the job opportunities available to those with the right qualifications. Whether it's a private or public space, large or small, teeming with people or with cash or other valuables, there will be a need for smart, dedicated people to watch over them.

Employers are always looking to hire qualified professional security personnel who have what it takes. Learn about some of the skills that security employers look for.

Benefits of Becomeing A Security Guard

Do You Have What it Takes?

Are you alert and aware of your surroundings at all times? Do you have keen observation skills? Do you keep your cool under pressure? Are you a good judge of character? Can you recognize signs of trouble and face them head on? Can other people depend on you? These are qualities that security officer training will help you hone into highly marketable skill set. The path to a long, stable, and richly rewarding career begins with the first step. Take that step today.

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