Industries That Look For Qualified and Highly Trained Security Officers

Security guards are responsible for the safety of people, monitoring public areas and patrolling properties and protecting them from theft and or violence. However, depending on the job itself, a security guard's role may differ greatly. The job requirements and demands placed on security guards are determined by the specific industry and sector.

If you are interested in becoming a security guard, these details are of great importance to you. Additionally, understanding the marketplace and what is expected of you beyond just the requirements set out, is critical to getting your foot in the door. Although it is a booming industry, it is crucial that you understand the industries that most frequently hire security guards as well as take into account their typical guidelines.

To understand the industry, you must first educate yourself on what to expect. We have pulled together a brief overview of what industries hire security guards and what their expectations include.

Industries That Consistently Hire Security Guards

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, job growth in the security guard sector is expected to grow 17 percent from 2006 to 2016. What this means is that more businesses and individuals will be looking to hire security professionals for their properties.

Among the industries who currently hire security guards, there are those that are always consistently hiring, no matter the economic state of the country. These organizations may vary in their requirements, but in general, they are looking for security guards who can protect their property and any residents or employees on the premises.

Here are the top industries for security guards:

Residential Buildings

Residential buildings are the most consistent employers of security guard services. There are over 43 million Americans living in residential buildings. Among them are hundreds of thousands of property owners concerned about keeping their investment and their tenants safe. Patrolling the property for suspicious activity, ensuring that theft and vandalism is avoided, and preventing other forms of crime are a top priority for the owners of residential properties. Security guards are the first stop for residential building owners.

Keeping residents safe is an investment that most property owners are willing to make, and highly qualified and trained security guards are a must-have for them.

Commercial & Office Buildings

Another sector consistently on the lookout for security guards is the commercial and office building industry. Not only are employers concerned about maintaining the security of their employees, but they are also driven to ensure their property is kept safe. From patrolling parking garages to monitoring surveillance feeds, there is always a high demand for security guards in commercial buildings.

As technology continues to advance and become ever more sophisticated, the need for trained security officers is increasing. When you're trained in advanced security measures, you have a competitive edge over others in the industry. Commercial businesses highly regard their security, as it can differentiate them from other businesses. Uniformed, committed and experienced security guards provide peace of mind for commercial buildings and offices, regardless of how large or small they may be.

Shopping Centers

Malls and shopping centers are in desperate need of trained uniformed security officers. Keeping shoppers and the retail shops safe is a top priority for shopping centers. Theft is obviously a serious concern, which is why both monitoring and patrolling the entire center is critically important. With more malls and shopping centers popping up around the nation, there is a greater need for security guards throughout the country.

Tapping into that market involves showing your training and experience upfront. Once the company can see what you offer, you stand a better chance of becoming a member of their security team. Shopping centers need qualified and committed security officers to ensure their property is safe. If you can prove you're capable of providing that security, through experience and proper training, you can easily find a job as a shopping center security guard.

Industries Where Security Guards Are In High Demand

Emerging Industries

There are emerging industries in need of security guards as well. These include the following:


Gaming surveillance and security patrol is one of the fastest growing sectors for security officers. Most officers gain employment in hotels or in casinos that offer gaming. Typically, the job description includes being able to comfortably and properly operate the surveillance equipment along with monitoring the equipment consistently. The local government instead of a commercial gaming organization may become your employer if you opt to work for a gaming organization.

School Security

After the tragic events at Sandy Hook, a high level of school security and surveillance has become paramount for educational institutions. This means that your skills and security background is needed for schools of all grade levels, including colleges and universities. Having a highly trained and experienced security officer enables students and teachers to feel safe while on campus, which is important for education.

Additional Industry Trends

In addition to the industry you plan to work in, another aspect you should consider is what you'll be doing on a daily basis. The current security guard industry shows trends toward customized services, private investigators along with consultants, and remote video monitoring are leading the way towards the future, and are therefore important to pay attention to.

Understanding the industry enables you to select the perfect job for your skill sets and experience. Utilize this guide to navigate your way towards a successful career as a security professional.

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